Our first and foremost goal is to produce a quality product that you, our customers and patients, can rely on. All Ascend products are manufactured in strict compliance with cGMP’s (current good manufacturing practices) as well as adherence to the approval received from FDA.

Ascend only markets prescription products approved by the FDA stored and shipped with regard to proper temperature controls.

Ascend manufactures and markets products across many therapeutic categories including but not limited to hypertensives, antibiotics, neurologic, pain and cough and cold medications. Our formulations include tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, liquids, and ointments and creams.

While all our products are prescription several are also controlled drugs and governed by additional security and oversight by the DEA. These include Temazepam, a remedy for insomnia and Methadone, a medication prescribed for patients going through withdrawal. Both drugs require additional licensure for both Ascend and our customers and sales of these are closely monitored and reported.